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Roadrunner Health Services strives to be accountable by being transparent with all our contracted facilities. We believe Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement should always be transparent, and have made it our priority to fund this project.


RHS's special Auditing Department, Hawkeye Services (Hawkeye) runs all our state-wide facility CQI audits, and utilizes a number of audit tools such as RHS CQI, GAR Competency & Components, NCCHC – Health Care Outcome Measures Worksheet, as well as our RHS audit tool. Our staff show up every month to each facility and request a list of unannounced CQI audit charts on the day of the audit, which denies access to the facility managers and staff to choose the audited chart. We ensure our CQI studies include process and outcome measures, and Corrective Action Plans are developed, monitored, and evaluated with Hawkeye staff assistance.