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Roadrunner Health Services Announces Emergency Takeover of Correctional Healthcare in Chaves County


Roswell, New Mexico, August 23, 2023- Roadrunner Health Services (RHS), a trusted leader in correctional healthcare  services with over two decades of experience, is proud to announce its emergency takeover of correctional healthcare in Chaves County, New Mexico, making this our 10th county contract in New Mexico. Roadrunner Health Services (locally owned) has become New Mexico’s largest comprehensive medical and mental health healthcare provider. The takeover, scheduled to commence in September 2023, comes as a resolute response to Chaves County's urgent need for comprehensive and high-quality correctional healthcare services.

In a time of crisis, RHS stepped in to address the challenging healthcare situation within the Chaves County correctional system.  "We are deeply committed to ensuring the health and welfare of all individuals under our care," stated David Montoya, CEO of Roadrunner Health Services. "Our team of dedicated medical professionals is prepared to deliver the highest standard of correctional healthcare services to Chaves County, upholding our mission to provide compassionate care and innovative solutions."

RHS brings a wealth of expertise and a compassionate approach to correctional healthcare, having successfully managed similar transitions across the state. Their comprehensive services encompass medical, mental health, emergency response care, detox (including our successful Medication Assisted Treatment Program), RHS Dental Program, and  Hawkeye Audit Program all tailored to meet the unique needs of incarcerated individuals. The organization's commitment to evidence-based practices, efficient operations, and a patient-centered focus has garnered them recognition as a reliable and forward-thinking healthcare provider.

Chaves County officials expressed their gratitude for the prompt and effective intervention by Roadrunner Health Services. The emergency takeover reflects a shared dedication to the well-being of all members of the community, including those who are incarcerated.

As RHS takes on this pivotal role, the organization remains steadfast in its dedication to improving the lives of those in its care. With the takeover set to begin in September 2023, Roadrunner Health Services is poised to create a positive impact within Chaves County's correctional facility, ensuring that essential healthcare services are provided.