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New Contract Alert: Roadrunner Health Services Secures New Contract in Roosevelt County

Roadrunner Health Services (RHS), a leading provider of correctional healthcare solutions, is thrilled to announce our successful acquisition of a new contract in Roosevelt County. This significant achievement highlights our dedication to maintaining 100% staffing by our highly trained professionals without needing outside agency assistance. Furthermore, RHS is proud to bring on board a new team of local staff members while emphasizing competitive wages and exceptional compensation packages. 

The contract win in Roosevelt County marks another milestone in the ongoing expansion and success of Roadrunner Health Services. By securing this agreement, we solidify our position as the preferred healthcare provider in the region, ensuring accessible and high-quality care for patients in correctional facilities.

At the core of RHS's success lies our commitment to maintaining a fully staffed team of dedicated professionals. We do not rely on external agencies to fill staffing gaps, unlike many other correctional healthcare providers. We at RHS believe in nurturing talent from within our own ranks, providing a stable and fulfilling work environment. In line with providing compassionate care, we seek to hire individuals who deeply understand the community's unique healthcare needs, ensuring personalized care and seamless service delivery. RHS recognizes the value of local expertise and is proud to provide opportunities for professional growth and development within the region.

Moreover, we at RHS understand the importance of recognizing and compensating our staff for their outstanding contributions. In addition to competitive wages, we offer comprehensive benefits packages, including healthcare coverage and opportunities for advancement. By valuing our employees and prioritizing their well-being, we ensure a motivated and dedicated workforce that delivers exceptional patient care.

"We are delighted to secure this new contract in Roosevelt County and continue serving the community with our unparalleled healthcare services," said David Montoya, CEO of Roadrunner Health Services. "By staffing the entire facility with our own professionals, we maintain complete control over the quality of care provided. Our commitment to bringing in local talent further strengthens our ability to cater to the unique healthcare needs of the population."

We are committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered care as it forges ahead. By securing the latest contract in Roosevelt County, we are better able to serve the correctional healthcare industry.

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