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Emergency Take-Over of New Mexico Detention Center Results in a Shift of Perspective

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How Roadrunner Health Services were able to turn one Warden's challenge into an opportunity for the industry to evolve.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - During the 2022 Legislative Conference, McKinley County Adult Detention Center identified it was in the market for a new healthcare provider. Their outgoing healthcare provider decided to make it a difficult transition and refused to share critical information. Luckily the facility's new provider, Roadrunner Health Services, was there to pick up the pieces in order to resolve an urgent situation.

"It was discovered our previous Health Service Administrator removed essential medical documentation from the facility, without our knowledge. Before I could panic, the CEO (Roadrunner Health Services), David Montoya, confidently assured me he had a ‘backup plan’ and everything would work out.

Roadrunner Health Services was not only successfully operating the same day of arrival, but they also provided intake healthcare for thirty new detainees that first day without any incidentals,” said Warden Karen De La Roche, McKinley County Adult Detention Center.

Roadrunner Health Services has been serving the community by providing comprehensive medical and mental health care for detention centers since 1998. With over 20 years of experience, they set themselves apart by each member of the leadership team having a long history of serving as “boots on the ground” healthcare providers.

Warden Karen De La Roche says, "Their wealth of knowledge allowed them to continue operating regardless of the previous company’s actions. Their years of experience were evident, as they provided care for (30) thirty new intakes on day one without time to prepare.”

Roadrunner Health Services works closely with facilities to build the relationships needed to provide outstanding healthcare to patients and peace of mind to managers and staff. Their passion, trust, and transparency have led to a long record of success, such as was seen at the McKinley County Adult Detention Center.

About RoadRunner Health Services: Roadrunner Health Services opened its main office in Las Vegas, NM, in 1998, providing healthcare for San Miguel County Adult Detention Center. Now they have their main office in Albuquerque and offer comprehensive medical and mental health care to facilities throughout New Mexico. If you’re interested in working with Roadrunner Health Services, contact them today.