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Passion For What We Do: Decades of Clinical Expertise in Correctional Healthcare

Passion For What We Do: Decades of Clinical Expertise in Correctional Healthcare
Who Are We? 

As you look for dependable and cost-effective means to care for those in your charge, know that Roadrunner Health Services is ready to partner with you. We provide high-quality health services in correctional facilities consistent with community best practices to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of the patients.

Roadrunner Health Services has provided medical and mental healthcare since its founding in Las Vegas, NM, in 1998.

Fueled By Passion, Not Profit

In the sea of options, the question remains: Why choose us?

It all comes down to our experienced professionals and the compassionate care they provide for patients.

Roadrunner Health Services is an innovative company that provides quality healthcare services to inmates. We're professionals who care about our mission, not about making money. We come to work ready to take care of our patients and provide them with the best care possible by providing best practices in the correctional industry.

We believe that the best way to provide quality healthcare is by hiring the best professionals in correctional health to ensure safe, high-quality healthcare for inmates. We train all employees to meet the standards of care, and we retain educated and experienced staff so that they can continue to provide high quality care. 

Fiscally Responsible

We want to make sure that exceptional care is accessible to all and that it serves to streamline your operations.

Roadrunner is committed to making a difference in people's lives by providing high-quality health care services. We use a sensible, realistic, and affordable cost treatment model to produce positive patient results at a fair price.

We focus our expertise and energy where we know it will make the greatest difference. We value smart cost control. After years of experience delivering quality healthcare services to correctional facilities, we know how to deliver quality healthcare and manage a lean budget while not compromising patient care. Roughly 90%-95% of your contracted money goes to services and programming. 

Beyond Best Practices: Our Accreditation Standards

We strive to set trends in medically appropriate, legally defensible, and fiscally responsible care in the correctional environment. For an idea of the degree of our work, look at our Accreditation  Specialist Director position (Full-time). Roadrunner Health Services offers policies and procedures based on the accreditation standards of NCCHC, ACA, NMC, and by any other state standards, meeting and exceeding national standards. RHS starts the accreditation process at the start of each contract, gathering medical records, compiling non-mandatory and mandatory files, and working with our facility team to get accredited  by NCCHC, ACA, JCAHO, NMC, and any other state standards. We meet community standards and many times go beyond standards of care. Our healthcare providers bring all of their clinical knowledge and practical experience to the table to provide the best correctional healthcare there is to offer.

Decades of Experience

Many of our professionals average over 20 years of clinical experience in their respective positions.

As a clinician-owned business, members of our upper management work in the field daily. By hiring the best healthcare specialists in the medical and mental health industry, we provide a top-of-the-line team that is agile enough to meet the unexpected challenges inherent to the industry.

Our teams deliver expert results because we are rooted in real-world training and experience. Everyone has a professional background in health services, from the administration to our providers, resulting in extensive experience.

Services We Provide

We aim to go above and beyond required services to assure the best outcome for our patients. Each program is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each facility and patient.

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Services

Roadrunner Health Services believes in supporting mental health for everyone. The situations inherent in this line of work require us to recognize the warning signs and take them seriously. RHS recognizes the importance of suicide ideations that come with mental illness. From intake to discharge with a mental health licensed counselor and psychiatrist on-call 24 hours a day overlooking all patients' needs.
Assessment, diagnosis, counseling, and medical interventions for the maintenance and enrichment of mental health or the treatment of mental or behavioral disorders are all cores of our mental health services. Mental health treatment is a core standard of our care.

Start Your Journey With Us Today

Speak to Roadrunner Health Services about acquiring our services for your facility, or get more information on how RHS helps streamline your financial and operational plans!